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There is still time left this tax season for you to experience how Belikos can work for you and get your individual tax return complete this season. We will also help you to plan to maximize your tax savings going forward.



Don’t stress about getting your tax return done for your business - whether you need to file taxes for your Partnership, S-Corp, or LLC we make it easy! Work with Belikos and get the personalized service you deserve and let us help get your 2017 financials complete for the current year tax return.


You may recognize him as a trusted advisor in DSU’s financial aid office. This was Jason Crowley’s first professional position after finishing his MBA. He loved the ability to help college students figure out how they were going to fund their education and also plan for their bright future! With this philosophy in mind, he made the decision to shift his career into the public accounting arena where he began his CPA track with a very reputable regional firm in Southern Utah. He gained valuable experience at this firm which gave him the technical expertise in the Tax and Advisory channels.This atmosphere was great in many ways, both personally and professionally, but he saw one major flaw that is common in many accounting firms today.

The Flaw

The clients were not getting the personalized service they deserved. It seemed that during the tax preparation process the questions being asked to clients were “what happened last year”. The other major issue seen was most clients had no idea what their tax liability would be for the year. This is a reactive approach that is very common across the industry. When these questions are asked after the year has ended, the answer may not be the best for the client and it was too late to change the outcome. This is when the idea to create “The Belikos Brand” began.

His Solution - The Belikos Brand

The Belikos Brand’s philosophy revolves around the complete client experience. Whether you are an individual looking for tax planning advice or a small business trying to figure out the best way to grow – your future success is always the top priority! This allows us to proactively guide your major personal and business decisions throughout the year, whether it be a new home for your family or planning for major capital investments to accelerate business growth. We want you call us when you are trying to decide on financial decisions of all importance in your life throughout the year. Many clients of larger firms fear when they have one simple question for their CPA during the year the bill they will receive from this 5 minute call will far outweigh the benefit of getting their question answered. We don’t operate like that! We encourage our clients to communicate these items to us without fear of incurring additional fees. This is where we provide true value and satisfaction for our amazing clients! We take pride in assisting our clients navigate through the complex Laws of Tax and help them shape their future in the most positive way.

Jason Crowley, CPA


Jason Crowley, CPA, MBA has lived in southern Utah for over 20 years. He is originally from the Bay Area in Northern California, where most of family still resides. He is a proud graduate of Dixie State University, where he completed his undergraduate studies, and Southern Utah University, where he completed his MBA. From the second he laid eyes on the spectacular red rocks and discovered the endless outdoor activities, he knew this was the place to be! He is a true lover of the outdoors and enjoys being physically active. During the summer you will find him trying to spend every possible moment of leisurely time at the lake with his family. When it is not lake season he also enjoys making memories with his family by traveling to exotic destinations, hiking the Southern Utah landscape, and testing the ability to get his adrenal glands functioning at their highest level with all things fast. He claims to believe the sun does not exist between January – April 15th. His professional career has blossomed over time as a trusted advisor, but his true success can be attributed to one thing - family. His family consists of his beautiful wife Lauren, who is the most amazing and inspiring leader and registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where miracles happen on a daily basis. Together they have two amazing children, Dax (8) and Capri (4).